12 Days of Christmas – Version 1

Print up the poem for each day, then include the gift with it using your own ideas
for what will look nice and be appropriate for your missionary’s personality, etc.


December is the time of year the days are getting cold.
A nice hot cup of cocoa is like an ounce of gold.
So find some nice hot water, and open the popcorn — no fuss!
And once in awhile as you treat yourself, try to think of us!
(Gift: cocoa mix and bag of popcorn)


On the second day of Christmas we are steeped in tradition.
And so, to you serving there, we are making this addition.
Joyful Christmas carols we’ve sent along your way.
We hope these songs will brighten each coming day.
(Gift: approved music tape, Tabernacle choir Christmas tape)


On the third day of Christmas we send a little tree
And the special decorations which you will plainly see
Remind us of your service to your Father up above,
We think of you so often, and we’re sending you our love.
(Gift: small tree and simple decorations)


On the fourth day of Christmas, you’re always on our list.
Here’s something fun to eat, so you’ll know that you are missed.
Sit down — take off your shoes — here’s something you can burn,
Kris “Pringle” will give you energy to go all out and learn.
(Gift: Pringles potato chips)


On the fifth day of Christmas, we know you have your tree.
These special little ornaments will add a touch of glee.
When placed upon the branches they remind you of our love,
And all the special blessings Father grants us from above.
(Gift: small tree ornaments)


On the sixth day of Christmas, the days go by so fast,
We wanted to provide you with something that would last.
A helpful little something that will make your kitchen cheery,
So that the task tomorrow will not seem quite so dreary.
(Gift: hot pads, dish towels, kitchen tools, recipes, or whatever)


On the seventh day of Christmas, a very special night,
We wish we could be with you, the spirit is just right.
“Love one another” was the Lord’s admonition,
Sharing with each other will help fulfill our mission.
(Gift: Christmas story/stories)


On the eighth day of Christmas, we know you’re feeling beat,
So set aside your books and put up your feet.
We thought of an idea that would be real neat.
Tape a long, deep breath and share this Christmas treat.
(Gift: cookies or treat)


On the ninth day of Christmas our hearts began to swell
The love we felt inside for you, we could never tell.
Please wear this token of our love throughout the day today,
If others ask just what it means — this is what you’ll say —
(Gift: tie clip, ring, barrette, necklace, pin)


On the tenth day of Christmas we send you “Peace on Earth”
As people all around the world celebrate His birth.
To help us gain eternal life was our Lord’s endeavor.
Give away this book to show “Families Can Be Forever”.
(Gift: Book of Mormon)


‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.
This stocking was stuffed by your mother with care
With hopes that your Christmas is more than just fair.
So open your goodies — your sock’s full to the top
With family voices, presents, and blessings that won’t stop!
(Gift: stocking filled with goodies, tapes, letters from family)


Christmas Day is special even though you’re miles from home.
Whisperings of the spirit tell us you are not alone.
This gift you’ll enjoy at all times of the year
So keep our thoughts close and help us feel near.