Subway Art Printables
Subway Art Printables

Subway Art Printables

I decided I needed to make a Family Rules Subway Art for my home, and then I went crazy and am making more subway art!!

I thought some others might like to download them also!

The images are all size for an 8 x 10, I have printed a 11 x 14 and 16 x 20 I do have one that is size to 20 x 30, it just trims the images a bit.

We ended up using it for a RS Craft Day. See directions below for Craft

 Here is a preview of just some of the subway art I offer


16 x 20 kitchen subway art yellow smBaby Boy Subway Art smBaptism subway art blue smbelieve in santa 2 smChoose the Right Subway Art Blue smchristmas subway art 1 green sm1Eagle Subway 8 x10 2 smfall subway artGraduate 2013 black amHalloween Subway Art smjulysubwayartsmMr Mrs Subway 8 x10 g smSpring Subway Art 2smSubway art Family Proc 8 x 10 smsubway art family rules antique smSubway art Family rules spanish brown smSubway art I am a Child of God color smValentines Subway Art smValue Subway Art sm


The resolution for these images are 4777 x 6120 (but the best print I got out if was a 16 x 20)


I sent the prints to Sam's Club it costs me under $6.00 to have the 16 x 20 print printed, I then took a board (I had left over from a unfinished RS Craft day project 🙂 - anyone else have any of those??) You could just add your print to a frame and be done (see picture above)


Just use good old craft paint

Wood or Canvas Frame

hanging family rules smWOOD: Painted the board black- it was MDF, if you took a 4 x 8 sheet of the MDF plywood and but it to the size I show in my project, you could get 10 board out of one sheet, which is about $2.20 plus per board. you can cut the board shorter if you don't want the wholes for a ribbon. Otherwise drill house before painting.


CANVAS FRAME: you can buy these has a craft store, use your discount coupon and get a 16 x 20 for
just a few dollars.

you just paint the edges just the same and use Mod Podge to glue it on, don't forget you can make it out of water and Elmers glue! (see below)

Mod Podge:

I used the stuff you buy at the craft store, after painting the board black and letting it dry I painted a coat of Mod Podge to the board, then place the photo print on the board (I just eye balled it, but if you worry make some markings before, of where to put the edge of the photo.

I rubbed the photo make sure all the bubbles where out. Then added another coat of Mod Podge.(Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself.)

Let dry and done!!! You could sand the edges a bit if you wanted.

Add ribbon and your done.